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Eckon provides engineering and product design services for electronic, mechanical, and electro-mechanical devices.  Our "skunk works" style, multi-disciplinary, and creative problem-solving approach results in optimized product designs for consumer products, office products, healthcare products, sporting-goods, and toys. Eckon is located near Boston, Massachusetts and has clients throughout New England and in other parts of the US.

Since 1994 Eckon has taken pride in providing cost-effective engineering solutions and prototype fabrication for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Projects range from product failure analysis with recommended design changes to comprehensive product development with complete documentation, working prototypes, production fixtures, and automated test equipment. Eckon has relationships with several high quality Chinese manufacturing companies for medical and/or high-volume consumer products.

Eckon also designs and develops products that are available for license. This includes a variety of consumer products, healthcare products for both consumer and professional use, infant care products, sporting-goods products, and toys.

The founder and manager of Eckon is Richard Eckhardt. He has been a founder of six high tech start-up companies in engineering and management roles. He now focuses on what he enjoys the most; providing innovative cost-effective engineering solutions and product designs.