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Design and Fabrication Capabilities

Electronic Product Design:
Electrical and electronic products for applications such as instrumentation, consumer healthcare, professional healthcare, consumer household products, office products, toys and sporting-goods can be designed, tested and prototyped.  Products can be designed for high-volume, low-cost Asian manufacture, or for cost-effective domestic manufacture.  Capabilities include both analog and digital circuit design for economical manufacture.  Eckon has also designed products that include optical and acoustic elements. Eckon has particular experience in low-power, portable, battery-operated devices. Eckon associates can also assist in firmware development, and medical regulatory compliance.

Mechanical Product Design:
Mechanical products, such as consumer household products, office products, teaching aids, sporting-goods, and toys have been designed by Eckon. Eckon design capabilities include products incorporating machined, formed, stamped, or die-cast metal components and machined, molded, die-cut, or thermoformed plastic components. Products have also been designed that incorporate wood, foam, fabric, composite, and polymer film components.

Electro-Mechanical Product Design:
Eckon has worked extensively with electro-mechanical products that include motors, actuators, and sensors; such as consumer household products, office products, infant products, and toys. Eckon design capabilities include optimizing designs for low power with motor and mechanical component selection for efficiency and low-cost production.

Prototype and Fixture Fabrication:
Prototypes of most of Eckon's designs are fabricated in our own facility. The Eckon model shop has capabilities for machining, turning, drilling, cutting, punching, bending, shearing, and rolling most metal and plastics. Additional capabilities include thermoforming, welding, grinding, and woodworking. Electronic circuits can also be fabricated and tested. The Eckon shop also fabricates production fixture and automated test systems. In addition to the usual mechanical and electronic measuring equipment, Eckon also has instruments for acoustic, optical, and pressure measurements. Fabrication services are available separate from the design services.

Manufacturing Engineering:
Eckon has significant experience in designing products for low-cost manufacture either domestically or in Asia. The optimal product design is a function of the production volume and the location of manufacture. Eckon is experienced in choosing the right manufacturing location, manufacturing processes, and components based on the product, market, and production volume. Eckon has relationships with several Chinese manufacturers of electronic products, healthcare products, toys, and sporting-goods.

Failure analysis:
Eckon also provides failure analysis services to analyze shortcomings in prototypes or customer returns of commercial products. The result is typically a report identifying the failed component (even if it is an internal component, such as part of a motor) and recommendations for eliminating the problem.