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Product Designs Available for License

The following are few examples of products and technology that was developed by Eckon and/or Richard Eckhardt that are available for license. Contact Eckon for more information or to inquire about licensing.

● Healthcare products:
Richard Eckhardt, the owner and principal engineer of Eckon, is a founder and partner in UV Solutions, LLC which has developed a number of consumer and professional products for instantaneous disinfection or sterilization with flash UV light. The products on the UV Solutions website are covered by issued or pending patents, and are available for license.

● Telecommunications Patents:
Richard Eckhardt, the owner and President of Eckon, is a partner in the Telesyst Group which has developed patented technology to improve the user interface for dialing land-line phones and cell phones. This technology makes it much easier to get the correct number when the area codes have changed or the cell phone has moved to a different location. These patents are available for license.

● Consumer products:
Rotisserie: This product design is a cooking rotisserie that operates inside a standard oven without requiring any connections to the outside or through the oven door. This unit is easy to clean and folds for easy storage in small space.
Pet Carrier: This is a patent pending design for a pet carrier that makes it very easy to move pets of all sizes even on sloped or uneven terrain.
Shape Shifter Lawn Sprinkler™: A lawn sprinkler design that can be very easily adjusted to irrigate any desired shape to reduce over spray and save water.
Power Scrubber: A low-cost, convenient, waterproof, battery-powered, scrubber that fits in the palm of a hand for easy cleaning of all surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom.
Fabric Spot Remover: A simple low-cost device that works with any cleaning solution to conveniently push the solution through the fabric to remove the spot.
Automatically Adjusting Wrench: A very simple and low-cost design for a wrench to automatically adjusts to the size of the nut or bolt over a very wide size range. It is operated with one hand and requires no batteries. It does not have teeth that can damage the nut or bolt. A pipe-wrench version can also be made.
High Force Wrench: A simple wrench design that can easily apply the very high force required to "break" a nut loose without requiring the operator to exert high force. This small-sized wrench does not require external power or a fixed mount or brace.
Bicycle Accessories: A number of bicycle accessories for convenience and safety have been developed. These include techniques to eliminate flat tires, high visibility safety devices, accessories to improve the bicycle's function, and accessories for parents with children.

● Power Tools and Accessories:
Drill Accessories: these include a number of accessories for hand power drills to improve the accuracy and convenience of drilling, to carry accessories, and make measurements for drilling. A clever new chuck design makes it much easier and quicker to change drills or other bits. A chip collector makes drilling much cleaner.
Power Screwdriver Accessories: A convenient screw starter and driver bit design makes it much easier to start screws in hard material.
Accessories for High Speed Rotary Tools: A variety of unique and/or special tools and accessories for rotary tools, such the Dremel® brand tools. These accessories allow the tool to be used for new tasks or broaden the scope of the existing applications. A clever new chuck design makes it much easier and quicker to change bits.

● Toys:
Over twenty different toy designs have been completed and prototyped in partnership with J-Biz. Several of these have been licensed, and others are under review by major toy companies. More than a dozen are currently available with new designs being created continually. These include crafts, games, and activity toys for both indoor and outdoor use. The toy designs range from high-tech electronic toys to simple mechanical devices.