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Richard Eckhardt, President

Richard is the founder and owner of Eckon and the principal engineer for all consulting projects.  He has over 3 decades of experience engineering consumer and commercial products for cost-effective production.  His work has included design engineering and manufacturing engineering for healthcare products, electronic instruments, image processing and electronic publishing systems, training-aid products, electronic touch screens, infant products, toys, and sporting-goods.  These products included the engineering disciplines of electronics, mechanics, electro-mechanics, optics, and acoustics.

Richard is also a partner in UV Solutions, LLC, a company formed to develop Richard’s product designs for consumer and professional healthcare products based on proprietary technology for flash UV disinfection and sterilization.  This work has resulted in several issued patents and more pending, along with an intellectual property license to a large international healthcare and consumer product company. All the products shown on the UV Solutions' website were designed by Richard and the prototypes pictured were fabricated in the Eckon facility.

Prior to starting Eckon, Richard was the founder and principal engineer in a number of high-tech start-up companies:

CyberChrome: Developer of the first PC based electronic publishing system with high quality image processing using Postscript output.  The software was licensed to Polaroid Corporation.

CyberResearch: Systems integrator and marketer of PC based systems for scientific and technical applications including data acquisition systems.

HyperKinetics: Aerospace research partnership performing research and building instrumentation for hypersonic propulsion systems.

ECD Corp: Developer and manufacturer of electronic test instruments and one of the early personal microcomputer systems.

Richard has an S.B. degree in Biomedical Engineering (Option of Electrical Engineering) from M.I.T.  He has been founder or co-founder of six successful high-tech startup companies and has held the position of President, or Vice President of Engineering. He currently holds 9 issued US patents, and has a number of pending US and international patent applications.